Mix Tape Collection
A collection of licensable illustrations
for every kid who was born to rock.
I grew up listening to every rock record I could get my hands on, from punk rock to classic rock and everything in between. I was obsessed with listening to my Dad’s albums and starting a collection of my own. Rock and Roll is the soundtrack to my youth, and I know that kids are still listening to those records and creating new music of their own.
The only Rock and Roll inspired bedding on the market is cheap, dated, and uninspired, so I set out to change that. I created a collection of fun, bright and fresh illustrations inspired by Surf, Country, and Punk Rock.Each collection contains a set of licensable patterns, prints, and hand-lettered quotes.
I designed this collection for every kid who plays air guitar in front of a crowd of their stuffed animals, for every kid who belts their favorite tunes no matter who is listening, and for everyone who needs a little more Rock and Roll in their life.
ROLE: Concept Development / Illustration / Design
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